The Lofoten archipelago is a group of islands off the coast of Norway, just north of the Arctic Circle.
Nature and scenery is spectacular and varied, with steep wild mountains, secluded beaches and lush green meadows.
Summer in Lofoten can be idyllic, and the midnight sun makes you want to stay awake all night. Winter is a different matter, with snow and storms that can last for days.
But winter is also the time for the world's largest fishery when millions of  arctic cod swim from the Barents sea to spawn in the Lofoten waters. Thousands of people are busy fishing and hanging the fish to dry on racks, to make stockfish.

A visit to the beautiful Lofoten islands any time of year is an experience you always will remember.

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All photos © Bjørn Jørgensen

     Blue winter light, from the Skagsanden beach in Flakstad.                                 Waves hitting the shore at Uttakleiv, Vestvågøy.



The tongue of the arctic cod is a delicacy, and traditionally cutting the tongue out of the fish has been
work for the young boys and girls in Lofoten. They can earn a decent amount of money during the winter.



Flakstad church with the characteristic onion-shaped dome.
The first photo is taken in September, the second in February, from the same viewpoint.




Two photos taken from the air with a multicopter.
This is from Henningsvær, the most famous fishing village in Lofoten, located on some
small islands in the Vestfjorden (West fjord).


This one is from Lofoten's largest city, Svolvær. The coastal liner Hurtigruten is about to leave.



"Clear the runway, I'm coming in" . 
Cormorants eat fish, and stay close to the sea. They are good flyers, but also brilliant swimmers, and by some considered a mystical bird.


A wing-flapping seagull photographed with flash and long exposure.



Sakrisøy is a small island in the Reinefjord, close to the fishing village Reine in Moskenes.
The landscape is more dramatic and wild here in the outer and western parts of the Lofoten islands.
The yellow buildings on Sakrisøy are "rorbuer", the cabins the fishermen stayed in while they spent
some busy winter months here. Nowadays they sleep in their boats.
The first photo is taken on a beautiful summer day:


This spectacular evening light was seen in May:


And this is from the same viewpoint as above, in September. It was an incredible burst of northern lights:



           Living between the sea and the cliff. From Eggum.                                                             Winter landscape from Bø in Flakstad.


Vertical mountainside in the winter. From the peak Stjerntinden on the way to Nusfjord.


The little green house on Eggum, Vestvågøy



Ripples in the sand. From Skagsanden beach, Flakstad.


A peaceful summer evening at Uttakleiv


Lofoten is not all about fish, there is plenty of farming and agriculture as well.
Here is haymaking in Vik on Vestvågøy


A beautiful summer afternoon in the Reinefjord in Moskenes. The still sea is a mirror for the mountain Olstinden.

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